Surgical Products
Surgical Products

We were asked to coat a surgical organ support aide by one of our many customers in the pharmaceutical industry. This unique project required unique solutions, a situation in which our skilled operations and quality control personnel often find themselves. Our client began by supplying us with both the mesh and hydrogel coating for this proprietary surgical product. Working to fulfill the customer's specifications, we configured our pilot coater to provide a roll over coating system with a carrier to apply this tricky coating, after which we had to select an appropriate drying technique. We chose conduction web drying, which is an indirect heat transfer method in which the material being dried does not contact the heating media, and proceeded to install the necessary equipment. The indirect heat transfer in conduction drying suits specific materials and drying requirements, and was the perfect solution for this difficult project. Coating weight tolerances were critical here, so conduction web drying was followed by dryness testing and visual analysis of the final products. Regardless of the unconventional web drying technique required, we were able to complete our initial samples in only two days. After the first two trials of the surgical support, our customer was sufficiently pleased to request additional samples for further testing.

We thrive on the unique, unusual, and difficult projects presented to us by our customers, and we will do whatever is required to develop the solution. Contact Pocono Coated Products for further information.


Project Name
Proprietary Surgical Product
Project Description
This surgical product is used as a surgical organ support aide.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Roll Over Coating System w/ Carrier

Conduction Web Drying
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Pilot Coater
Overall Part Dimensions
12" Wide x 100' Long
Tightest Tolerances
Coating Weights
Material Used
Supplied Mesh
Material Finish
Supplied Hydrogel
Industry for Use
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Coating Weight
Visual Analysis
Delivery/Turnaround Time
2 Days
Delivery Location
New Jersey
Standards Met
Customer Specifications